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  "Bornite Nights" (C60)

Imagine the soundtrack to an hyper cryptic Australasian TV series parallel to “the Planet of the Apes” but with insane sloth humanoids instead of monkeys… 

This is it ! “Bornite Nights” the new installment by Grant Warner from Perth,

the visionary modular synth joker under the Borange moniker.

Foreseeing and encountering a murky tropical exoplanetary journey

of perpetual hazardous encounters, uncanny impressions from

the perspective of totally unclassified species, and interstellar suspense.

A peacock ore inverse sublimation at its strangest shape,

like PTSD flashbacks of quokka warriors successfully implanted in your brain,

odic fragmentation guaranteed !

To Nonlocal Research heads, there’s a similar vibe to Los Knock Knock’s

specially at moments on side A, but in a much more alien wetland direction that brings to mind some works by Jon Hassell and Asmus Tietchens…

Super limited collectors edition of 40 copies
1 hour silver cassettes
with full lenticular artwork, 
includes lenticular insert of imagined movie poster.
Get it now or never...

worldwide shipping included !

only 5 copies left...