Siet Phorae & Tomàs Dittborn

Phorae pendants made of found micro objects cast in epoxy resin

with bronze frames or rivets hanging from gold gilded necklaces

*photographed on top of 15th cent. neoplatonic paintings by Sandro Botticelli  

order by contacting: siet // 0032 493 333 951

 (open for trade)

'Metal Library'

collages of paper cuts on galvanised steel plates

sealed in resin

50cm by 30cm

 order by contacting: siet // 0032 493 333 951

 (open for trade)

All jewellery and collages on view

 at "Politopia" exhibition

hosted by Social Harmony

on july 22 & 23 in Ghent

A sampling and resettling of sound waves, micro-trash and paper images into a personal metalresin library that gestures the paradoxical alien multiplicity of life on earth perceived by two minds as one. Simultaneously an interpretation of the world and a creator of many others, "Politopia"  focusses on the fantastic and abstract qualities of what is already there.