(written for The Senders, performed at Buda Summer Festival 2019)


Dear scoby,

mother of vinegar and your thriving community of indigenous bacteria

with you I engage

your species has inhabited this planet long before our human, animal or even plant species came around.  Due to your genetic mutability, resilience and flexibility you set the chemical context for all life to spawn from

thank u for your transformations

As your future host I welcome u to my vessel, 

my landscapes,

my nests, my grounds

May I nourish u as u nourish me 

may I protect u as u protect me

may I manifest u as u manifest me

 May this mutually interdependent bio-loop

let us continu to co-evolve and fuse into ever new forms


 on a path of least resistance 

cast thyself forth...

whole cell textured nucleus.gif