The new project by Spencer Clark, former member of the seminal noise duo, The Skaters, has recorded and toured under the aliases Tarzana (with Jan Anderzen of Kemialiset Ystvat), Typhonian Highlife, and Monopoly Child Star Searchers, who's album Bamboo For Two found wide critical acclaim. His new album "Avatar Blue" is a 2 hour 30 song Pro-Earth odyssey about the Ocean and Special Effects. His last album, Typhonian Highlife's "The World of Shells" drew this response from Miles Bowe of Fact Mag: "While his contemporaries in similar “world-building” music like James Ferraro and Oneohtrix Point Never often attempt to refract something of our own world, Clark’s music feels like exotica by way of H.P. Lovecraft, building mythologies and painting places that feel removed from any reference point. Deep listening can offer glimpses into an impossible realm– and now we enter The World Of Shells, the culmination of a journey both physical and psychic, travelling from California to Australia to Sicily and drawing on everything from alien reptile conspiracy theories to Renaissance sculpture, rock formations and the films of Peter Weir."


-Vodka Soap – Un Chand Pyramdelier Cassette

New Age Tapes (2006)

-The Skaters –  Physicalities of Sensibilities of Ingrediential Stairways" (WITH JAMES FERRARO)

Eclipse 059 (2008)

-Spencer Clark ‎– The Stimulated Australia 

EDICOES CN 12 (2016)

-Monopoly Child Star Searchers ‎– Bamboo For Two LP

Olde English Spelling Bee (2010)

-Fourth World Magazine Vol. 1 - The Spectacle of Light Abudctions LP (2011)

-Monopoly Child Star Searchers ‎– The Garnet Toucan LP

Underwater Peoples (2012)

-Fourth World Magazine Vol. II ‎– Pinhead In Fantasia Lp Pacific City Sound Visions (2014)

-Typhonian Highlife: HR Giger's Studiolo 2X90 Cassette Box (2014)

-Tarzana ‎– Alien Wildlife Estate (WITH JAN ANDERZEN)

Pacific City Sound Vision (2015)

-Typhonian Highlife ‎– The World Of Shells LP  KRAAK (2017)

-Star Searchers – "Avatar Blue" 2Cd Pacific City (2019)